• Chemistry:  "We love the Chemistry tutor.  He is wonderful."  Kathy Ventker, Virginia Beach
  • Kindergarten-reading:  "I"m glad we found you!"  Sonya Mack, Norfolk
  • 5th grade: "We love working with Kim."  Marcia Brodie, Norfolk 
  • Algebra 2:  "Stephanie is a wonderful tutor.  Lisa's getting A's and B's now."  Carol Mahoney, Chesapeake
  • Geometry: "Get me an English tutor like the math tutor.  My son went from an F to a B, and I plan to use Jared again."  Maurice Johnson, Portsmouth
  • Earth Science:  "Rachel was a big help to Kayla.  We are very happy with her.  She's terrific!"  Carolyn Wittersheim, Suffolk
  • 4th grade math:  "Very delighted with Rachel.  She's really great!  Happy to have her...I commend Achievement Plus to have such a good  person working for you."  Elaine Cooper, Virginia Beach
  • Conversational Spanish:  "I and my two year old daughter are so happy with the tutor we found through Achievement Plus...Josefina is wonderful."  Monica Lewis, Norfolk
  • 2nd grade reading:  "...although our daughter has only met with her a few times, she is showing improvement!  She can't wait to see her again."  Vicki Allgeier, Virginia Beach
  • 5th grade math:  "My son went from a D to a B and made Honor Roll.  She' awesome!  My son works well with her."  Lillian King, Virginia Beach
  • Algebra 1:  "...thank you so much for putting my grandson and me in touch with Dusan. Dusan is an excellent teacher and really knows his subject."  Irene Bauer, Virginia Beach
  • Algebra 1A/B:  "My daughter was assigned Christine.  We just love her.  She's great!"  Tina Daughtery, Chesapeake
  • Study Skills: "Eleanor is great...Lauren really looks forward to working with her. She is doing so much better in school...We are going to ask her to work with Lauren next year."  Meg Cutter, Norfolk
  • Home Schooling-Spanish 2:  "Everything went great. Thank you for an outstanding job." Rev. Jim Atkins, Chesapeake
  • 6th grade science:  "Patty did an excellent job and he is doing better in his science. I would recommend her to anyone who needs assistance."  Libby Bethea, Chesapeake
  • Algebra 2:  "Christine was wonderful as a tutor and a person.  We are very grateful that she was able to help our daughter." Susan Patrick, Portsmouth
  • AP Calculus:  "Dusan is wonderful.  He is inspiring to my kid and we consider him a friend.  All tutors have been great."   Diana Nowocien, Norfolk
  • Spanish 4:  Rosie Ruiz was fabulous.  It is not often my son actually looks forward to a tutor session...She is awesome!"   Patti Patterson, Virginia Beach

Other References:

  • Marya Bayman, Virginia Beach: Business Statistics, Accounting
  • Brenda Adkins, Chesapeake: AP Stastics
  • Cindy Ritch, Chesapeake: Study Skills
  • Synlethia Bagwell, Gloucester: International Relations
  • Laurie Gregory, Chesapeake: 7th-math
  • Gary Talley, Virginia Beach:  SAT Prep-English
  • Ester Yu, Chesapeake:  Spanish 1-2
  • Sylvia Powell, Chesapeake:  Algebra 2A
  • Helen West, Suffolk:  Geometry
  • Brenda Adkins, Chesapeake:  AP Statistics

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