Our Tutors

All Achievement Plus tutors are graduates of a 4 year college or higher. Many of them are also certified teachers, but other qualifications are considered.

There is no contract to sign!  There is a minimum of one hour of tutoring required each week for tutoring to be successful, and tutors are available for additional time if needed.  We set up the same day and time each week that is convenient for you.  You can terminate the tutoring at any time. 

When a qualified tutor is found, clients are charged a one time registration fee of $35 payable to "Achievement Plus".   There is an additional $15 fee for other children, or to find additional tutors for other subjects.  Tutors for most subjects are paid $40 directly for each session which is approximately one hour long.  The hourly rate for Geometry and above in math; Biology, Chemistry and Physics; Honors and AP classes in all subjects; and all college level courses is $44.  Adult tutoring is also $44 an hour with the exception of GED, ASVAB and ESL tutoring which is $36.

The rates for all Virtual Tutoring is $4 less.

There could be an additional $4 fee if the tutor is required to travel more than 9 miles one way.

If for any reason you are not satisfied or your assigned tutor becomes unavailable, another tutor will be provided or your registration fee is refunded.



Achievement Plus provides one-on-one tutoring in the convenience of your home, and there is no contract to sign!  With over 100 qualified tutors, we can provide help from the pre-Kindergarten to adult level.

Test Preparation

  • ASVAB/GED Tests
  • Virginia SOL Tests
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • PRAXIS, GRE Preparation

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